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It's Easy to Get Your Dream Home When You Know Exactly How It Will Function With Design Poetics That Suit Your Needs, Your Family. Poppy Bevan shows you the Information that Matters!

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The Poppy Bevan Difference

Smart land owners use the process from Poppy Bevan to design their home. You should too!


Projects go to DA

Our staged process allows our clients to make careful considered decisions.

-- Residential Design 2017


Less Clients

We actively accept less jobs, it's important we work with people as a team.

-- September 17-18


Point of Contact

Core Design and Contact by Principal Designer.

-- Poppy Bevan Experience


more time

We spend twice as much time on our conceptual approach to design.

-- Conceptual Underpinning

How Does Poppy Bevan Work?

Poppy Bevan makes it “effortless” for you to receive stage by stage greater resolution details of your home, so you can start making data-driven decisions to build your home. Simply put, we make you want to build!

Common Problems

Old Way

"Architects", "Design Firms"
  • Design for themselves
  • Lock-in Process
  • They go over budget and they charge you more!
  • Designed and Managed by Different Random staff including Juniors
  • Predictable outcomes (Same same)
  • Stressful
Client Outcome: I'm not sure?

Our Solutions

New Way

Poppy Bevan Experience
  • Design for you
  • Stage by Stage Process
  • Fixed Stage Pricing

  • Designed and Managed by Principle Designer
  • Creating unexpected solutions
  • Enjoyable
Client Outcome: Let's build!

Focus on Design Elements that Matter

Stop guessing what your home will actually look like.

Poppy Bevan shows you exactly how your home will look AND function, so you can analyze and make informed decisions.

Focus on the Content that Matters

Poppy Bevan Experience The Best way to Design Your New Home.

Here are some of our popular benefits that clients have told us they love:

One Point of Contact

Easily setup Google Analytics on your site without touching any code.

Design Expertise

Get real-time stats, so you can unlock the maximum potential revenue.

Client Centric

Get actionable analytics reports right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Fixed Phase Pricing

Enhanced Ecommrece Tracking for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

No Lock In Contracts

Track your outbound links and affiliate links with our link tracking feature.

Step by Step

Better understand your audience with Demographics and Interests Reports.


See the most popular posts, pages, and sections of your website.


Track your form views, submissions, and overall conversion rates.


See exactly where people are coming from and where they are going.


See which banner ads are most effective on your site to boost your revenue.


Easily track your PDF and other file downloads on your website without any coding.


Track authors, categories, tags, searches, users, and other custom events.


Enable accurate tracking for all mobile visitors to your AMP-enabled pages.


Easily enable Google Optimize on your WordPress site for smart tests.


Adjust sample rate and site speed sample rate for Google Analytics processing limit.

Reserve a Time to Talk about your Project

Client load high - September 2018
Please contact us about your project for wait times.

Who is your Designer?

Poppy Bevan Founder & Principle Designer Poppy Bevan Design Studio

Our Story - Why did we create the Design Studio?

Let’s face it - when it comes to selecting a designer, most people are just “Winging It”.

Do you ask an Architect? A Builder? A Draftsperson? A Project Home?

Architects 'design' to their aesthetic. Builders 'design' everything the same way. Draftsperson 'design' by drawing exactly what you ask. Project Homes are soulless.

Frankly speaking, “Winging it” can get the job done.

But if you want a GREAT outcome, “Winging it” simply didn’t cut it.

I wanted GREAT outcomes.

I wanted to be the Best Designer.

So I made the investment in learning my craft:

I was mentored by many of Australia's Greatest Architects:

Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medalist, Dreyer Foundation Prize of Honour, Officer of the Order of Australia, the profound forefather of Australian Architecture Rick Leplastrier.

Lawrence Nield Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medalist, ex-head of Heritage Council of NSW, French Republic's Order of Arts and Letters, Sir Zelman Cowen Award Winner.

The acclaimed Architectural theorist trail blazer Brit Anderson and first female recipient of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medalist.

Lindsay Clare, Winner of 40 state and national awards from the Australian Institute of Architects, 6 Time RAIA Robin Dods Award winner and Royal Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medalist.

Bachelor of Architecture

Masters of Architecture

First Class Honours

The Parker Fellowship

The Dean's Medal

Australian Institute of Architects NSW Masters of Architecture Graduate of the Year

I was excited because I had followed the modern path to be a great designer. WRONG!

Perfecting my design skills was only the FIRST part of a process. Once it’s there, you actually have to figure out how to apply, and make sense of each design to each unique individual..

I wanted to give clients confidence.

I wanted to help them make informed decisions.

I wanted to share my design knowledge.

I wanted to empower clients when making the biggest purchase of their lives.

I wanted to let clients experience the power, the beauty and functionality inherent in design.

So I spent years learning how to properly setup and produce a design journey. During this process, I realized that properly creating genuinely poetic design outcomes required way more than the OLD WAY.

Because the OLD WAY didn’t give you the client full ownership.

If you want the “full picture” clients need to understand important things like:

how people live

what is that they do

which products are they buying

understand reasons behind the poetics

... and other useful information to grow your understanding, that you need to start building!

Limited SpacesWho are is this process for?

I Already Know Exactly What I want!

That's great news! I Wish you All the Best, You Should Find a Local Draftsman and Continue Your Journey.

I Don't Know What I want!

Here is where we may be able to help.

Designed for YOU - access to my in depth understanding of design poetics that I use on all my homes without being passed off to less knowledgable staff.

Step by Step Process - so you can see all the important metrics as your design develops (no need to navigate through the complex Council Applications without being 100% sure of the design first).

Stand alone Phases - shows you exactly which content gets the most visit, which affiliate links are performing the best, what new partnership opportunities you should consider pursuing, and more.

Fixed Phase Pricing - see all your important store metrics in one place such as total revenue, conversion rate, average order value, top products, top conversion sources, and more.

Select Clientèle - Due to my intimate process we can't take on all projects, it's important that we are both on the same page before we begin.

The Poppy Bevan Experience of Design is without a doubt the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to seeing the information that matters to creating your home, so you can make knowledgeable decisions to design your home.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m very confident that you will LOVE the journey. My sincere hope is that you use our process to make an informed decision about taking your investment to construction.

Honestly, we only want to work with you if you truly find design prowess valuable. And if you’re anything like our other happy customers that have used the Poppy Bevan Experience, then I’m very confident that you’ll LOVE the journey.

To creating your new home,
Poppy Bevan
Founder and Principle of Poppy Bevan Design Studio

Thanks for reading, I really wanted to share how passionate I am about this problem, and why it’s been so important to me.

Hundreds of people like you have used Poppy Bevan including:
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Here is what some of our clients have to say about Poppy Bevan:

"Poppy strives for excellence in everything but it conscious of our budget and seeks the best quality and cost result every time. We trust Poppy implicitly and have totally enjoyed this working relationship."

- Debra King, The Kings' Houses

"I was so impressed with the experience I had with Poppy when designing my new home. From start to finish, Poppy was the ultimate professional, full of enthusiasm and incredible ideas, and importantly for me, she guided me through a process I was entirely unfamiliar with."

"Poppy clearly has amazing skills in design, however it was her passion, genuine interest, and attention to detail that impressed me most. Poppy made the whole process so enjoyable and inspiring - it was an entirely personal experience with a delightfully unique outcome"

Dr Monique Parkin, Bar Beach House

"Poppy is an absolute joy to work with. Always friendly and professional. From the very beginning of our relationship everything was clearly defined and we both knew exactly where we stood throughout the design process. Poppy is creative, thorough and dependable. She is very easy to talk to and was able to combine her style with an understanding of ours to create a beautiful, practical and unique home for us"

Drs. Alistair & Ainsley King, The House Between Land & Sea
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